Our Curriculum

STOC Curriculum Principles:

  • Our Curriculum must be grounded in the Gospel, and give our children and young people the skills and determination to make Christ and transform society. It must provide opportunity for worship and celebration.
  • Our Curriculum must nourish the whole person, and deliver for all the opportunity that will make lives better.
  • As a Catholic school 10% of curriculum time (scheduled/timetabled teaching time) must be devoted to the teaching of Religious Education. This must follow the expectations as laid out in the Religious Education Curriculum Directory.
  • Our Catholic schools must fulfil statutory responsibilities to deliver RSE, PSHE and other provision, such as the prevent duties.
  • Our Catholic schools must deliver a curriculum that is at the very least as ambitious as the National Curriculum, and ensure that pupils across the key stages receive provision they are entitled to in all subjects
  • Our Catholic school’s curriculum Intents must be designed with the local context, and the community they serve in mind.
  • Our Catholic schools must share their curriculum thinking, planning and development to benefit all children and young people who are educated across STOC.