Our Mission Statement and Values

Our Mission

Our Trust Mission is simple, it is to make Christ known, making lives better for our communities, our children and young people.

Our Values

One of Hope

Collectively, we will not be defined by what has been before us, but by a belief in the possible future we will build together. By offering our children, our staff and our schools opportunities to grow and flourish, we make aspiration and ambition a reality. Our people are relentlessly hopeful and fiercely ambitious. We will always reach for that which seems to be just out of our grasp.

One of Courage

As a community, we will not shy away from taking decisions that will help and support our communities to thrive. If it is the right thing to do then we will be brave in our actions. As a truly Catholic organisation this courage will be most apparent in how we support the most vulnerable.

One of Innovation

Together, we will never cease from pursuing new ideas and best practice that will prepare our children and young people for the world that awaits them. A world which they will shape and change.